Jonas Bergstrand
Jonas was born in Stockholm in 1972 and he still lives just outside the city with his wife and two children. Friends and family are very important to him and he spend as much time as he can with his parents and his twin brother and his family and he tries his best to be a good pal to his friends. Without a good social life he’d quickly run out of inspiration in his professional life. In his mind creativity is rooted in a sense of security and belonging rather than isolation and desperation. The somewhat romantic cliché
of the lonely suffering artist is not for him.
He graduated from Forsbergs School of Design in 1997 and got a sheltered start to his professional career as he worked as an assistant to one of his former teachers for a couple of years. In 2000 he was taken on by the renowned illustration-agency CIA, Central Illustration Agency, in London. Through CIA he gained agent representation in New York and Paris as well and he has had a long string of interesting international assignments since then.