Malika Favre
Malika Favre is a french illustrator based in london. Her work is bold and minimalistic and explores the relationship between positive and negative space. Her illustrations have a strong narrative core and always play with the viewer’s imagination. She is a strong believed that less is more. Malika studied Graphic Design in Paris at the ENSAAMA before moving to the Uk in 2004 to pursue her carrer as an illustrator. She joined multidisciplinary studio Airside in 2006 and worked there as a designer/illustrator as well as directing animation projects. She left Airside in 2011 to set up as an independent illustrator. She worked for international clients such as The NewYorker, GUCCI, the Fashion Council and Penguin books as well as developing a body of personal work. Malika Favre had her first solo show in London in September 2012 with a new series of limited edition screenprints called “Hide and Seek”.