Paul Thurlby
Originally from Nottingham, now based in London, I 
have been a full-time illustrator since September 2006
after graduating from University in Buckinghamshire,
England. I hold my pen in a funny way but it works just
fine for me, thanks. I’ve built up an impressive list of 
commissions working in editorial, advertising, publishing 
and T-shirt design for clients including The New Yorker, 
The Guardian, Tate Enterprises, It’s Nice That, The French 
Tourist Board, Templar Publishing, Orange UK and 

The inspiration for my work comes from mid-century design
and illustration. My style has been described as being 
retro-modern. The aesthetics are retro and the
subject matter is modern. I use old books, postcards and 
pieces of paper for the backgrounds to my illustrations 
which often, for example, involves buying an old book from 
a charity shop just to use its back cover.