Pavel Fuksa
He locks himself in the cupboard and reads encyclopedias. He writes the typewriter
and puts the underground to the halt. He goes to see the psychiatrist. He goes to school.
He wants to work in an advertising agency. He gets a D from Arts. He goes to the high
school. He has an A+ from Arts and F from Physics. He goes into a different school, where he writes a typewriter. He works in Scotland. He rides the Virgin Trains and works for Virgin Trains. He goes to Prague, where he works for T-Mobile, Visa,
Budweiser, Nike. He goes freelancing and works for Greenpeace, Budweiser and Mercedes. He goes to the agency where he works for T-Mobile, HBO and Marriott. He feeds the deers with the biscuits, he sleeps by the japanese psychopath and he is robbed
by the aboriginies. He locks himself at home and works for Facebook, Twitter, Barrack Obama, ESPN, Google, VEVO, Fortune and American Express. He goes to Slovakia.
He works for Seat, Wikipedia, Curaprox, Tuxedo and Carturesti. He doesn't know what
to say when he's accepting the creative awards and so he just stands there and smiles.