Maison Alice. Illustrious art.

We are passionate about beautiful art created by illustrators, graphic designers and typographers – and we think that their works should be part of stylish apartments. This is why we set up an online store where we sell art prints made by selected artists from places such as New York, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, Japan and Switzerland.

Each collection comprises of 10 to 15 motives and each motive is printed in an
edition of 80 to 100 pieces. The prints are marked with an adhesive label featuring
the signature of the artist, the name of the work and the year of creation.

We print our collections using offset and silk-screen printing processes and high-quality paper. We also collaborate with long-standing printing shops in Germany
and Switzerland, who turned their craft into art.


If you are looking for a frame, please contact us: We provide you with advises and have contacts with experienced producers. In Zurich Maison Alice can make the framing and discuss with the client the delivery and pick-up conditions.

Print Shops

Graffiti print shop, Germany
Serichroma is a technique for reproducing artwork at the highest level of quality, developed by Graffiti Siebdruck in Reutlingen, Germany. The company uses the latest digital tools in pre-press. With over 20 years of experience in mechanical silk-screen printing, Graffiti deals with the photographic in great detail and can therefore ensure unique results. Serichroma silk-screen prints by Graffiti are characterised by high colour saturation and subtle halftones, and they impress with a translucent appearance.

Linkgroup, Switzerland
Printed material is a very physical, tangible product and its qualities can create emotions and spark interest by its surface feel. In order to emphasise the expressiveness and colour intensity of the art prints, we always engage in a preliminary in-depth study of the subject. Our specialists have a true sense of shapes and colours and they use their expertise and the latest technology to produce high quality prints. Linkgroup takes environmental responsibility seriously: By request, we print your products in a climate neutral manner on FSC certified paper. We are also the only company in the graphic industry to comply with the MINERGIE® standard.